ArteFormare is a group of companies that represent excellence in Sicily, each in their own field and in the architectural design scene. The selected companies combine toplevel technological evolution through the use of latest machinery with fine artisan manual skills rooted in the historical regional tradition.

ArteFormare is able to meet the needs of customisation on different scales, from a single piece to mass production, and in different sectors, from residential projects to contracting for the hospitality and exhibition industries.

Our work stands out as it offers exclusive products that are specifically designed and characterised by flexibility and high quality finishes. Particular attention is given to limit the cost-benefit ratio based on the client’s needs. This is possible by closely supervising all stages of production, from the design to the assembly through to the final testing.

ArteFormare looks to provide a solution to the needs of the contemporary market guaranteeing a quick and transparent quote, planner work has schedule that is able to meet the demands of the various industries.

Our work has been acknowledged by national and international press, including the project carried out with the Ino Piazza architectural practice, with whom we harmonised the creative and the execution process with a mutual goal: to produce affordable work with a high artistic content.

ECO BUILDING created in 1944 by Lopez grandfather ,

the company achieved the highest
level of realization and has specialized in various fields of architectural
finishes ranging from the manufacture of plasterboard and its derivatives
, processing of chalk art until façade cladding and roofing coat .

NECS installation and design of electrical, alarm, video surveillance and mechanical systems,  copper and optical fiber structured cabling networks, facility management and energy experts.

Sale and installation of TV – Moving products.

VITRAL (glassmaker) was founded in 1991 by Nicola Vitrale. Professionality and high skills have made the company a consolidated
reality. The ambition and the desire for growth have allowed the company to
expand in many different areas where the use of glass is needed such us
architecture and interior design.

GENESI was created to meet a growing need of design firms: to have a
partner able to turn ideas into tangible objects, in the area of interior design.

Through the brand AXIA in particular, Genesis has developed a line
of fixed or movable minimalist elements for space organization and room

LA DIAR leader in the manufacture of furniture design, LADIAR can rely on the
collaboration of several architects, both Italians and foreigners.
Research, experimentation, application of new techniques and technologies
in craft trades continually feed the growth and development
of our design factories where every day new prototypes and custom
furnitures are created and manufactured.

FOGAZZA from 1905 until now, has kept tradition alive conjugating
it with technological innovation to create a product of
high performance. Fogazza’s product lines have their roots in
a skilled union of tradition, style and innovation wary of the
current tendencies yet faithful to the most authentic artisan

PLEX DESIGN with more than 14 years of experience. Our service offer bespoke products and solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. From shop fitting to furniture, signs and plaques, exhibition stands and products based on tailor-made projects. The experience of artisans and designers allow us to provide products that combine different materials, such as, perspex (acrylic), bamboo, aluminium, and much more.


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